About Overseas 48


OVERSEAS 48 is a personal blog that aims to share with friends the main content about J-Pop entertainment world.

The content is written based on reliable sources and remains accurate because through the author filtering process which is then poured into this blog. But if any information is not appropriate or wrong, please forgive and help correction.

About the Author

Johan Darrel as the owner and writer at OVERSEAS 48 started blogging in Mid-2011. His first blog was named Lostsector's blog which contained content about blogger tutorials. But by the end of 2013 he vacuumed from the blogger world because of real world rush and by the end of 2016 he was active again.

OVERSEAS48G is the second blog that he runs, a blog that is expected to provide complete, latest & accurate information about the world of entertainment and music in Japan in English to all visitors.

That is a brief description of Author / Author and OVERSEAS48. If any suggestions or criticism about this blog, please buddy submit through the comments field or through the Contact Form that has been provided. thanks.

Johan - OVERSEAS48